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Horrory fashion

September 12, 2013
My ode to Gingersnaps. I'm on my moon, guys. Don't bother me.

My ode to Ginger Snaps. I’m on my moon, guys. Don’t bother me.

Some women think that once a lady turns a certain age — say, 23 — she needs to dress more “professional.” To that, I say, “the fuck?” Now, it’s not like I let my ass hang out at the office. Also: I do not apply this fashion rule at work: See-through shirt + see-through bra = nothing to see, all is concealed. I have standards, guys.

But I do tend to dress a bit odd. At least it’s probably odd if I’m using 70 percent of America’s opinion on what proper women’s wear is. For example, some people like to rock stripes or polka dots. I like a nice ghost or vampire fang pattern.

My wardrobe is filled with a lot of horrorish, gothy threads. I just like the dark shit! I can’t help myself.

Every year, I add a few new items to fill out my already exploding genre closet. Here are a few gems I bought this year:


When my mom first saw that green sweater, she exclaimed, “Oh! What a pretty color. What’s that pattern?”

I smiled and motioned to her with my hand, and said, “Come closer, mom.”

She walked across the room, sighed and said, “Does it always have to be skulls?”

Yes, mom. It always has to be skulls. I’m 30 and I do what I want!

The other lovelies in this photo are a pair of knee-high skeleton socks, skull fishnets, and a zodiac sign sweatshirt (Capricorns 4eva, bitches!)


This photo contains two of my favorite purchases. Yes, that’s a shirt covered with bats, and a dress covered with vampire fangs. And yes. I plan to wear this dress to a wedding this weekend.

Do you have a particular style of clothing you love to wear? Perhaps you’re obsessed with wearing a certain color, or a clothing style from a certain era? Tell me! I wanna know.

To see more of my horrory fashion, click over to one of my older posts on my discontinued blog called “Freak Fashion.” Yes, I still wear all of that, and yes. People look at me like I’m a freak.

All clothes bought from ModCloth.

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  1. September 15, 2013 11:11 pm

    Hello! 28 years old here and still rocking Goth fashion! I make my own clothes for the most part. I crochet, and make appliques of everything from bats to skulls to spiders, and sew them on everything. I work cameras at a casino, so I can wear pretty much whatever to work. I love big hair, lace and fishnet, (not just for the legs!) stompy boots and impractical jewlery.

    • Abbie Stutzer permalink
      September 16, 2013 12:34 am

      You are incredibly awesome! I really should learn how to make/modify my own clothing so I can rock more monsters. And don’t you love having a job that allows you to wear whatever? I mainly work from home, but when I do go to offices/meetings, my “persona” is that of “I do what I want,” so people typically know what to expect. In fact, this is what I wore to a wedding yesterday!

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