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Grave Hard: St. Joseph Catholic Graveyard, Shawnee, Kan.

September 21, 2013


The second graveyard in this year’s Grave Hard is located in the neighborhood of my soon-to-be-departed apartment (and it (the graveyard) has been around since the 1800s!).

I was quite excited to visit this cemetery because from afar (basically, when I would stand outside the local discount liquor store and look over my shoulder while walking to my car) this cemetery looked impressive. The gravestones appeared to be tall and old, and the cemetery was sprawling.

But disappear! Sadness… These graves were not very interesting. Yes — there were some neat gems, and some very old stones (I really like gazing upon old stones — dirty.) But in general the stones were the same: Rest in Peace (barf). May Your Soul be Saved (hurl). Etc. (Oh, by the way. I think I’ve settled upon a gravestone quote — at least for the time being: “Some People Say I’ve Done Alright for a Girl.”)

Anyhow, on to the graves.

Favorite Grave in the Ground goes to: The Grimm stone! It’s just too perfect. Because, like, it’s grim (ha. Card.)


Grave that I’d Like to be Buried Under: This here dude is big. And hard (dirty.) This tall stone was quite old and covered in moss. It had that perfect weathered look (as many things that have been around/dead for a while tend to have.)

Up top, gravey, bro.

Up top, gravey, bro.

Gravely Sayings to be Remembered by: Ugh. People, I beg you. Please pick better forever quotes. The two that stood out in this yard were the following:


Music and laughter, guys. Music and fucking laughter. Psh.

Bitch, you better pray for my soul.

Bitch, you better pray for my soul.

Next graveyard up is in Lees Summit. At least I think. It’s supposed to be super old! And full of dead stuff (per usual.)

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  1. October 24, 2013 2:58 am

    Apparently that one had the ‘last laugh?’
    The ‘prayer request’ ummmm…yeahhhh…scared the crap outta me too!

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