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‘I Ain’t From This Planet, Y’all:’ ‘Dark Skies’ Review

February 24, 2014
This is the Alien I prefer.

This is the Alien I prefer.

Alien abduction movies are pretty scarce these days. When one comes out, I tend to get really annoyed instead of excited, though, because inevitably, I will be disappointed. That’s why I didn’t have high hopes for Dark Skies. But because my hopes were so low, I was really quite entertained by the film. Ringing endorsement, huh?

Sure, the film soundtrack pretty much guided me like I was a complete fool who has never seen a horror/sci-fi film in my life. And, yeah, the flashbacks to important plot points were as by the book as they come, but at least the film had decent acting. And aliens. (Seriously, aliens can look creepy no matter what. Creature formula: You just make some dude have a large head, be, like, real tall and skinny and — boom — dude’s automatically creepy.)

Like this but much more creepy.

Like this but much more creepy.

Anyhow — the film was enjoyable. All the “episodes” that were had, the encounters that were described, and even the meeting with the so-called “alien expert” (not over the top at all) were all subtly creepy enough to make you think, “huh, yeah. That’s actually interesting.”

Along with the stuff I already mentioned that irritated me about the film, I also found the following a bit off:

  • The first two “encounters” were incredibly silly. But then again, maybe that’s how aliens test people. Aliens: Pranksters, just like you and me!
  • The police: Really, I’m so over the bumbling policeman that doesn’t take any complaint seriously. I guess that happens? I don’t know. I’m really boring so I’ve never had an encounter with a “law person.”

So, yeah. All and all, my complaint quota was way low for a modern horror film. All and all, a nice little flick that makes me ponder what else is out there.

Image credit: interdimensionalguardians, flixist

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