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’24 Exposures’: Another Titacular Ho-Hum

March 3, 2014
Good or bad day, I can't tell.

Good or bad day? I can’t tell.

I enjoy looking at breasts as much as the next person, but even the nicest pair of buoyant chesticles cannot change that 24 Exposures is, all in all, not much fun to look at.

The film follows a dude who likes to shoot dead girl nudie photos with the help of his girlfriend. We see the ins and outs (like, literally — they fuck a lot, and take on a third bang buddy) of their relationship, the rules, how it works — etc., which basically is dude finds a hot chick his girl digs and then they bang until he gets bored, upsetting both girls and disrupting the fuck circle, hence bringing despair and change.

But that’s in between all the photo shoots. Which — by the way — are strangely staged similar to a series of murders of young, bodacious women round town… The movie lingers on the images because the murder scenes and the photo shoots are similar. So, you never really know what you’re seeing until the camera pulls away.

The other story line of the film follows a massively depressed detective in his pursuit to catch the serial killer. He mopes, he meets the “suave” photographer and befriends him and he attempts to transform his life into… something not so depressing and kind of succeeds?

While I called the ending in about the first 15 minutes of the film, I will praise the movie for its visual effects and aspects. It was beautiful to watch and did keep my attention when the storyline began to drag and ended abruptly.

Have you guys seen 24 Exposures? What did you think? Were you disappointed it was more drab noir than spunky crime drama? Tell me!

Next film up, Raze. But first — OMG — Bates Motels season two starts tonight. You can expect to read my ramblings on that in the next day or so.

Image credit: Simon Barrett, Adam Fristoe and Hannah Feirman Photo By: Joe Swanberg Copyright 24 Frames, LLC. An IFC Midnight Release.

Note: I’m incredibly angry that I can’t get my damn ‘ to face the right way in the headline. Grr, arg.

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