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Project Vintage, Vinyl and Indie

June 7, 2014
And there are even more records now.

And there are even more records now.

Because I’m prone to the sads and the panics, I try to keep myself busy to avoid spending too much time thinking about, say, the amount of money in my bank account. Or when quarterly taxes are due (next week — dammit). Or everything that could possibly happen, but most likely won’t happen, but really, all the bad things could happen, like, all the time.

So, my new project (also known as my yearly goal, or the thing that keeps me on my feet and out of my head) is going to involve me not buying anything new (except for my cruelty-free makeup and hair dye, because I’m pretty sure I am not myself without my candy-apple hair and lips) until January 1, 2015. My other exception: If I find an original piece of art, or a handmade product, I will make the purchase. I am a BIG supporter of independent artists because I am one, duh. So, all you horror artists and such — please get hold of me. I really want to decorate my place with your killer original items.

I’m an avid thrifter, so this shouldn’t be too hard. Also, since I’ve been able to reinstate my vinyl habit (I have my own place and my father finally fixed his 1969 Garrard record player’s problem of not playing), this will include a lot of time searching for reasonably priced vinyl gems of yesteryear to add to my vintage collection. And as I stated before, if I find an awesome piece of vinyl from an independent artist, or from a small company just trying to reissue some amazing tunes, that will be fair game, too.

I’m hoping to write posts about the wonderful things I find via a new site I’m working for, Ecosalon, but even if my column doesn’t pan out their, I still want to embark on my “slightly used/wonderfully original but swell” journey soon. To brand my journey (because what are we without a brand), I’m going to call this endeavor ginchy grabs. Because everything that’s original, or finds a second loving home, is incredibly sexy, don’t you think?

So, do you have any favorite vintage shops I should know about? Any artists I should visit? Please let me know at


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  1. June 11, 2014 4:35 am

    I love vinyl, too. I try not to think of the extensive collection I’d amassed between 1978 and 1985…it got lost during a bad break-up and storage unit liquidation…tears me up inside. 😦
    Anyway, somebody out there has that collection and I hope it was enjoyed. I think your goal is admirable. I too love (true) vintage items. It is unfortunate, though, that the word “vintage” has been over-used and improperly or fraudulently applied to so many things. So, buyer beware and have a great journey!

    • Abbie Stutzer permalink
      June 11, 2014 1:13 pm

      I suppose I should have used secondhand, but vintage reads better in a headline 🙂 I do appreciate the warning, though. You can never be too careful with vintage and so many ppl know it’s popular, hence the fraud!

      I hate that for you about your collection. My fella has a similar story. He had so many great albums that are now gone. Whenever he sees how much they are worth/remembers how good they sounded, he gets all misty-eyed.

      • June 11, 2014 2:02 pm

        I wanted add that I envy your good fortune in owning a functional record playing stereo! No doubt it has diamond stylus needle.
        Stereo systems with a real record player were scarce as hen’s teeth from the late 80’s until just a few years ago…so when I began to see the all-in-one Crosley’s on the market, I decided it was too hard to pass the opportunity to get one. I thought I’d done a pretty good job of comparing the features and such…but I didn’t. I purchased a $300.00 model that seemed to have the features I wanted plus USB capability for taking vinyl to CD or Mp3…I love the thing because I can to the conversion stuff, as well as preserve my parents’ old vinyls from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. It also features CD and cassette players and AM-FM receiver.
        I have had it 2 years. I JUST became aware that it has a ‘ceramic stylus’ which can render the vinyl unplayable after just a few plays. I am happy I’ve had too much happening to ever tackle the project of converting the albums — I have played many of the albums once only and now I am concerned if I should even attempt the project with this turntable.
        UGH! I wish I’d had the foresight back in the day to have held onto my good stereo. Have you seen the outrageous prices on the so-called new vinyl albums? YIKES!
        And, since the new ones are re-mastered repros of original technology, there was a debate about the quality of the sound, which I haven’t investigated.
        WHY oh why couldn’t the geniuses have left things alone, instead of creating more chaos with their tech advances?! Lol! It wasn’t broken back then…sure got complicated in the revival process now.
        Bottom line: save that fantastic console you have and never give it up!

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