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Rad Records and Musical Musing

July 13, 2014
Hi-Fi Records makes me have the happy pants.

Hi-Fi Records makes me have the happy pants.

Over the past few weeks, I wrote a few articles about two local record stores that I love visiting.

Love Garden Sounds resides in Lawrence, Kan., a town I love and adore. I lived there for about eight years while earning my undergrad and graduate degrees. Love Garden has a slew of new and used records at great prices. Also: The store loves Lawrence, local artists and all its customers. Whenever I get the time to make the 40 minute drive to the groovy college town, I do (and then I go broke because I buy all the records).

Hi-Fi Records is ran by two incredibly lovely people who I am lucky to know and call my friends.  This small but quickly expanding record store is in a Olathe, Kan., antique mall. It won’t be long before this store outgrows its space. Kyle and Bettsy will take over the record world soon, I just know it. Between them, they have so much appreciation for the vinyl format and music, as well as love for each other, that they’re unstoppable.

I’ve taken to writing about records lately because I’m rediscovering a format that made me so very happy when I was a kid. During college and into my post-college life (what I like to call a time of confusion and offness), I was turned off by music. I think it was because it made me have the feels, and for a while there, I wasn’t digging on feeling a hell of a whole lot.

Over the last year, I’ve started to rebuild my personal music empire. I enjoy listening to music again — I have 600-plus records in my collection and two turntables, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m even working on two musical projects. Singing and playing the piano (and relearning the guitar, I hope) are two activities that make me incredibly happy and fulfilled. I can’t wait to play an empty bar soon.

If you’re interested in reading the two articles I recently wrote concerning my vinyl addiction, please click on the links below. And if you’re ever in town go to these rad stores:

Love Garden Sounds: One of the Best Record Stores for Vinyl Lovers, via EcoSalon

Hi-Fi Records’ Kyle Maggart seizes the day in Olathe, via The Pitch

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