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It’s Halloween Season

July 25, 2015

Many people think Christmas starts in mid-October. Others think that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated all February. And then there are folks who start preparing for Halloween in August. Well, I take it one step further and start in July.

While I’ve yet to start pulling out my Halloween decorations (I don’t have many in storage, but those will start going up in August after I move), I began planning my 2015 costume after July 4th — like any good American.

The following are my top 3 ideas so far. I hope to have at least 7 more before mid-September — when things get real.



Woman Dancing on Car in “Blue Velvet

So, to achieve this look, I’ll just need a cheap blonde wig (unless my hair has grown out a bit by then), a pink skirt, and some iron on letters that spell out “In Dreams.” I believe I have the shoes already (but will have to check). So, all that leaves is some makeup and some solid dance moves. I’m sure no one will know who I am, but to me, that’s not the mark of a bad costume — it’s a sign that too few people have seen “Blue Velvet.”


My second idea is the Whywolf from “Adventure Time.” That will call for an over-sized coat, wolf ears, tiny glasses, and a pipe that blows bubbles — that last item makes me happier than I care to admit.



Third idea is Peachfuzz from “Creep.” This will require a killer wolf mask and a slick track suit, but I think I’m up for the challenge.


I’ll keep you updated on my ideas. But in the meantime, I want to know what you die-hard Halloween lovers are planning for this year. Do you have a costume idea already? How are you going to decorate your house? I’m thinking about going full-on Lynch and doing a recreation of the “Blue Velvet” yard (severed ear and all).

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