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Make America Dead Again

January 8, 2017

Let’s be honest. 2016 was rough for most people. It all started with David Bowie, a human I truly look at as an oracle, dying. And the hits just kept coming. Prince’s death, the U.S. election, Donald Trump… the go ahead for people to grab others by the pussy…

Although my personal life was pretty killer this year (I got married to an amazing person who really loves me, something I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before), I did suffer a big, ol’ setback in mid-July: I got drugged at a bar.

Although nothing physically happened that experience derailed my life more than I care to admit. All my previously healed emotional scars from my rapes, abuse, etc.,  became raw. Then, I basically gave up on my self. I planned to go to school this coming year for social work or mortuary science, but that goal seemed utterly unattainable after this simple, no good experience.

So, instead of applying for school, I got a full-time job and moved on. Or at least I thought I did.

Turns out, I was just biding time. Waiting to feel normal again without doing the work. I was blind to this until Halloween. When Paul and I got married, and I had some much needed time off, I began to think about all the things that scared, excited and interested me. That’s when I remembered how ready I was for change. Then, sadly, thanks to the recent American election, I became angry. REALLY ANGRY.

I got back in touch with my cunt feminist roots, my perpetual activist tendencies and decided to raise hell.

So, here I am, two or so months later, 10 tattoos in, totally broke, enrolled in 13 credit hours, and incredibly happy.

I am going back to school for mortuary science. Yes, that’s correct. I want to prepare bodies for their ultimate destination. But I want to do more than that.

I want to help people who know they are going to die come to a peaceful end.

I want to help families keep their loved ones in their home while bodies are prepared for burial.

And I want to provide different burial options that are safer for morticians, and the environment.

Go ahead. Call me crazy. And believe me. I know this is going to be difficult. Hell, I haven’t taken a math or science class since I was 20. I am now almost 34… But all this fear is invigorating. I know I’ll be an amazing student and, sorry, a killer mortician because I am older and I’ve lived. A LOT. I also know that I want to be that one funeral home worker who made someone’s death more peaceful, and the burial process better.

I hope I have the time to keep up with my writing during this time because, seriously, I’m going to have to vent.

So, until next time… Stay chill and don’t die until I’m ready to help your body and family through all that shit.

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