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Not OK

January 29, 2017


I don’t know what else to do on a Saturday night to express my concern, so I wrote some of my elected officials. I hope this country can heal…

I’m not a republican but I hope that you see that Donald Trump is tearing America apart.

These are my concerns:


I’m scared I won’t be able to afford birth control pills—something I’ve taken since I was a 16 year old because I didn’t want to get pregnant and it helped calm my terrible periods—because the ACA may disappear.

Don’t get me wrong—it needs to be tweaked (right now, my husband can’t afford one of his medications that helps his crippling anxiety and I can barely afford an inhaler. I’m scared my antidepressant may be too expensive this year, too. I need this medication because I was raped when I was a teenager and have PTSD)—but removing it is unacceptable and politicians know that.

Do not let this man say “I’ve got something great” to replace the ACA with. He doesn’t. Americans know it. Do NOT act until you have a good fix, an update, a solution.

On that note: I’m sure you don’t think abortion should be legal. Apologies if I’m wrong in my assumption… But here’s my point. I’m not asking you to have an abortion. Or even to tell a woman she should have one. I am asking that you realize that this is a medical procedure and has absolutely no place in the political realm. Abortion is a medical choice. A personal choice. NOT YOUR CHOICE.


The president is destroying this country’s reputation and tearing it apart from the inside out. Banning Muslims entry? Are you kidding me? Just because someone enters our country from a supposed “dangerous” zone doesn’t mean that person is a killer. If we really want to stop mass shootings, why don’t we ban white males who have untreated mental illness who can easily obtain guns… oh, wait—we can’t because this country has a terrible health system and gun control is a joke.

This past week was so frightening and I’m white. Can you even imagine how terrifying it is to be a person of color in this country right now? You are an elected official and you have to represent all people. That includes people of color. Please make it known to this administration that any racist rhetoric is not tolerated. The president needs to speak out against the alt-right and decry any violence carried out by this hate group.

In addition to alt right hate and ignoring POC’s concerns, you also need to support LGBTQ people. I fear that any person who is considered “different”—aka not a straight, white male—is in danger under this president’s rule.

In addition to all the above concerns, I am worried about this president’s possible relationship Putin. It’s obvious that he does not view this man for what he is—a cold-hearted killer—and that is incredibly worrisome.

Oh, and let’s not forget climate change. It is real. Humans are making it worse. Why is this still up for debate? This country needs to invest in alternative energy and educate people how to work in the field. Create new jobs while saving energy. Yes, it’s not that simple, but any other option will surely lead to the death of this planet.

Please, if you have a heart, you will make it known that the president’s actions are not OK. Please help this country mend itself rather than allowing it to become further divided. I’m scared for this country and for the world.


Abbie Stutzer

This. Is. Real.

Just today, I heard a man talking to a friend about how he was scared that his work visa would not be renewed because he’s “from one of those countries–” his words, not mine.

“I couldn’t sleep last night. I just don’t know,” he said.

He was helping a friend study. They were talking about their education, their future.

He’s not the only one. I could list off at least three other similar conversations I’ve been part of, or heard, in the past month.

This isn’t OK. We must act and speak out against hate and ignorance.

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