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Dying to do it again

May 26, 2017


I’m a writer!

A very open, honest writer.

So, I basically share everything.

I write about suicide, sexual assault, how I am well aware that I can be a major butt-faced miscreant, and recently, I wrote about how I planned to attend mortuary school.

Yes! Planned is the key word in the above sentence.

As we all know, well made plans are created with positive intentions and disintegrate because of happenstance. Or in this case, embalming fluid.

A month ago, I decided to quit traditional mortuary school for myriad reasons. But if I’m being honest, the main reason was embalming fluid.

I can’t sell it. Don’t like it. But totally respect people who can use it and make the dead look great.

After dropping out of school, I felt flighty. Like a total loser who couldn’t commit to anything. An old loser. I also felt like a total dick.

I took a month or so to recover. I slept for 12 hours a day! I went to a lot of happy hours! And I’ve got to say: Since a month has passed, I’ve been reborn. Or in my worldview, I’m not as dead as I once was. Basically, I’ve only got one toe in the coffin. Not an entire leg.

I recently landed an insanely cool gig at YNOTCam, a site dedicated to helping cam girls survive and thrive. So far, I’ve been lucky enough to have two pieces published. One piece is about a money app, and the other is about protecting trans women of color who work in the sex industry.

And although I’m going to have to find more work in a week when I return from my honeymoon, I have a solid freelance client list that’s keeping me afloat.

But even though I was totally turned off by some of the traditional death industry, I realize that I can still help people shuffle off this planet without traditional training. That’s why I’m hoping to become a death midwife and home funeral advocate.

Yes, you read that right. I’m going to help people die with dignity at home, and become one with the Earth.

Yeah, this won’t be easy, either, but I’ve already met one amazing person who is practicing, and let me tell you—this person’s work is very appealing. To me, at least.

In the next year, I hope to practice soul and body work, and become respected enough for people to allow me in their homes and help them enter their grave in a peaceful, natural way.

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