I’m Abbie, a queer, non-binary writer, and death and life guide. I live in Kansas City, Mo. and care for five pets, as well as multiple community cats. I use this space to write about death, animal welfare, and more. Below you can find more information about my life and death work, as well as my writing work.

Gather the Leaves

I work as a life and death guide. (My socials for this work are: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.) As a life and death guide, I provide various services, such as housecleaning, animal care, and life and death guide help. All are detailed here. Contact gathertheleaves@gmail.com for more information.

Ginchy Words

I write, edit, and create social media content under the name Ginchy Words. Read about my words and edits for quirky people here. Contact ginchywords@gmail.com for more information.

22 thoughts on “About

  1. Abbie rules. I like her style with a unique twist. It’s rare to find a women with good taste, that also edits. My intuition tells me…..good positive vibes.

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